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With all the advancements in technology, why do we settle for the same old experience when it comes to one of our most valuable office productivity tools – the telephone?  Shouldn’t today’s desk phone sound dramatically better than your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be great to access video and applications with the swipe of a finger? 

Polycom desktop solutions bring lifelike voice, video, and application communications to every user in your facility.

Experience the ease of intuitive user interfaces. Benefit from cutting-edge voice and video technology. Access a wide selection of devices. We've designed Polycom Voice Desktop Solutions to improve productivity for mission-critical business interactions.

These solutions provide:

  • A broad selection of phones and applications for organizations and businesses of all sizes and budgets
  • The industry's best audio quality, for lifelike conversations every call
  • Immediate integration into a wide range of unified communications environments
  • Advanced features and applications that simplify workflows and improve productivity

As an IT manager, you want to provide desktop communication solutions that meet the varying demands of end-users, yet are easy to deploy, manage and support.  Additionally, wouldn’t it be nice if the desktop phones you deploy today would carry forward into the future, even if the back-end infrastructure changes? 

How about the ability to deploy in a hosted or premises-based configuration as your business needs change?

Polycom desktop phones bring rich-media conversations and advanced application capabilities to every user in your facility. They improve your efficiency and your bottom line. Our solutions interoperate with the broadest range of unified communication platforms so you can leverage your existing investments while leaving your options open for the future.

You get:

  • UltimateHD experience - supporting high-definition voice, video and content across all endpoints
  • Simple and intuitive user interfaces - reducing ongoing IT support costs
  • Interoperability with SIP and H.323 video systems
  • An open application platform—Apps-ready with API toolkit
  • Simplified deployment, management and maintenance

You are a busy manager. Or, a knowledge-based professional. Or a front-line worker.

Whatever your role, you need an intuitive, expandable, business-class phone designed to keep up with your multitasking and with your shifting schedule.

Polycom desktop telephones are premium business telephones that make collaboration simple. They help you focus on the task at hand instead of on technology. With their easy-to-use interfaces, rich audio quality and productivity- enhancing applications, you will communicate more clearly and efficiently than ever before.

You benefit from:

  • An intuitive and easy-to use interface
  • The ability to easily share content between participants at all locations for faster decision making and more productive meetings
  • High-definition video support at your desktop
  • Premium voice quality for lifelike audio communications

VVX Business Media Phones

Polycom VVX series is a family of business media phones that give busy professionals a high-quality audio and video communications experience. They rapidly integrate into a wide range of unified communications environments.

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SoundPoint IP Series

Polycom SoundPoint IP products deliver high-definition voice communication experiences to businesses of any size. Polycom SoundPoint IP Series telephones are easy to use and are designed to improve productivity in business workflows.

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Microsoft Optimized Desktop Phones

Built to be an extension of Lync, the Polycom CX series takes the simplicity, ease of use, and familiar Lync interface to environments throughout the enterprise. Only Polycom offers the broadest portfolio of Lync-optimized solutions that simplify deployment. They also lower your total cost of ownership by eliminating training costs, streamlining communications and encouraging collaboration.


Polycom Voice Applications add on-screen context to your voice communications, improving end-user productivity across every layer of your organization.

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UC Software

The telecommunications industry’s broadest and feature rich software for IP-enabled devices running in Open SIP or Microsoft® Lync® environments.

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