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Large meeting rooms make it especially challenging to have a focused conversation.  Often, multiple people talk simultaneously. The sound is bouncing back and forth between the walls. And background noises of all types become part of the mix.

Polycom installed audio solutions deliver clear, immersive sound for more productive conferencing...by video or voice. The unmatched performance and clarity will delight meeting participants. And innovations in design and configuration now help you set up the systems in far less time than you might expect.

Polycom installed audio systems provide:

  • Seamless integration into your audio and video collaboration environment
  • Complete audio coverage for rooms of all sizes, including boardrooms, auditoriums and theaters
  • Easy-to-use deployment tools that reduce the time of installation and setup
  • Integrates seamlessly with Polycom HDX systems, combining HD Video with Polycom HD Voice technology for the UltimateHD experience
  • Features direct integration with the Polycom HDX Microphone Array and the Polycom HDX Ceiling Microphone Array for easy configuration and installation
  • Supports both PSTN and IP telephony environments for added flexibility
  • Offers easy installation and configuration (even for very large or complex systems) with Polycom SoundStructure Studio configuration software and Polycom OBAM (one big audio matrix)
  • Provides, through Polycom Touch Control, a simple-to-use interface for volume control, muting, and dialing

It's tough enough trying to hear everyone in a regular conference room when the equipment is not properly set up.  Now imagine being in a large boardroom, lecture hall, or theater and having to shout out your question to be heard. Then imagine being on the other end of that phone call and trying to hear what was actually said.

Polycom installed audio solutions reinforce the sound in large rooms by coordinating multiple microphones and speakers so all participants clearly hear the same thing at the same time. Our solutions provide the clearest audio and seamlessly integrate to your room's existing audio or video communication system for simple operation.

With Polycom installed audio systems, you can:

  • Talk using your "inside" voice, no matter where you are in the room
  • Hear your colleagues comfortably – as though they are right next to you
  • Enjoy simple-to-use solutions that do not require a learning curve

SoundStructure C-Series

Designed to deliver superb audio for voice and video conferencing environments of nearly any size

SoundStructure SR-12

Designed to assist in rooms needing sound reinforcement

Vortex Series

Experience legendary voice clarity in rooms of any size with the Polycom Vortex line of solutions

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