Polycom Productivity Suite Application: Voice Quality Monitoring

Polycom Productivity Suite Application: Voice Quality Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of voice-quality issues for faster problem resolution

Communication may be the greatest tool in any business.  To facilitate clear verbal communications, you need desktop phones with crystal-clear voice transmission. 

The Voice Quality Monitoring feature of the Polycom Productivity Suite equips your IT managers with the tools they need to proactively collect voice-quality performance metrics and measurements real-time. This can prevent related complaints and lost productivity.

With this feature, you can:

  • Replace many costly and complex troubleshooting solutions that require the use of network probes
  • Improve IT productivity by enabling real-time troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Collect and transmit voice quality metrics directly from the phone in real time

With Polycom Productivity Suite Application: Voice Quality Monitoring,  IT Managers can monitor and troubleshoot voice quality issues more quickly.

  • Transmit metrics in real time, or near real time, directly from the phone in the standard RTCP-XR (IETF RFC 3611) format
  • Publish metrics using the SIP PUBLISH method
  • Provide flexible reporting and alarming based on metric triggers and/or events
  • Enable quick, real-time, system-wide troubleshooting while the affected customer is still on the phone


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