Polycom Desktop Connector

Extend your PC to your deskphone with the Polycom Desktop Connector

Extend your PC to your deskphone

Have you ever wondered how much productivity your teams lose each day because their technologies are incompatible? Polycom has.

The Polycom Desktop Connector simplifies your team’s communication tasks by giving them convenient access to the screens of their deskphones by way of the mouse attached to their PCs. No more looking information up here and then retyping it there…navigate menus, directories, select names, options or enter and paste text right from your PC to your phone.

The PDC provides:

  • Easy access from PC screen to the phone's display screen using the PC's mouse
  • The ability to enter text quickly on the phone using the PC's keyboard
  • The PDC extends a PC keyboard and mouse functionality to the desk phone
  • Cut, copy and paste text from your PC onto your phone using the PC’s keyboard
  • Delete information on your phone by highlighting the information with your cursor and pressing the Delete or Backspace button
  • Enter numeric information, such as phone numbers, with the number keys above the alphabetic buttons or with the numeric buttons
  • The PDC is compatible with the languages which both your phone and PC support, including most Asian and Central European character sets


Download Desktop Connector

Extend your PC’s desktop with your phone’s desktop for easy entry


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