Polycom RealAccess Service Delivery Platform

Information at your fingertips to better manage, and unleash the potential of, your collaboration solutions

As your collaboration solution grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, maintain and support. Polycom RealAccess Services Delivery Platform is available as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, and offers an asset management tool and an analytics solution.  It can provide you with the data required to make informed decisions to optimize your collaboration solution.

Polycom RealAccess Asset Management provides detailed insight into endpoints even when they're deployed around the globe. The Asset Management dashboard lets you view your entire inventory or drill down into individual locations, endpoint types or models.

Polycom RealAccess Asset Management is a powerful tool for understanding what types of endpoints are in use, where they're located and what software releases are running, along with other valuable information. With clear insight into your video investments you'll be better prepared to drive increased effectiveness in collaboration and improve your users' experiences.

Polycom RealAccess Asset Management allows you to:

  • View your entire inventory of collaboration assets
  • Drill down into specific locations, models or endpoint types
  • Monitor software revisions
  • Access serial numbers, E164 and IP addresses

Building upon the information from Polycom RealAccess Asset Management you can gain new insight into your collaboration investments to drive increased effectiveness and better decision making with Polycom RealAccess Analytics. This solution enables you to monitor performance, capacity and utilization to improve user experiences, measure and analyze utilization to drive higher adoption and ROI, and spot and analyze trends. It is ideal for accessing the data and metrics you need to optimize your collaboration solution.

Polycom RealAccess Analytics helps you:

  • Gain insight into where and how much video is used in your organization
  • Make adoption an ongoing initiative
  • Drive down costs and maximize your return on investment
  • Maintain an optimal level of service for your end users
  • Make informed, evidence-based decisions through usage and service quality tracking and analysis  

Polycom RealAccess Asset Management and Polycom RealAccess Analytics are enabled by the Polycom RealAccess Service Delivery Platform, that brings the power of actionable information to bear on complex business processes. Innovative apps and service offerings open access to important actionable information and resources creating unique value for all participants.

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Polycom RealAccess Service Delivery Platform

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