What is changing?

Today, Polycom University utilizes the Prometric’s live proctoring service to host the PCVE exam onsite at one of their training locations. Polycom University is reviewing this process and will be introducing a new method for accessing the PCVE exam. As a result Polycom University is retiring the current live proctoring service provided by Prometric.

When will this process change take place?

Polycom University will retire the live proctoring service provided by Prometric effective November 30th 2016.

When will the new process be announced?

Polycom University is currently reviewing options and will advise of the new process shortly.

Does this mean the PCVE accreditationis being retired?

No, The PCVE accreditation is not being retired,   and will continue to be available. Polycom is reviewing and updating the process to access the exam.

If I have a Prometric voucher what should I do?

A learner with a Prometric voucher has two options:

  1. Use the voucher prior to November 30th 2016
  2. Trade the voucher in to Polycom, if required, once the new process is announced.

Will this process change extend the validity period of my original voucher?

No. Any voucher is valid for one year from date of issue. Any replacement voucher will only be valid up to the original voucher end date.

What should I do if my voucher expires before November 30th 2016?

If your voucher expires before November 30th 2016, you should schedule your exam before the expiry date. Once your voucher expires it will not be valid for trade-in.

How should a learner ‘trade-in’ their existing voucher?

Polycom University will advise the process to trade in vouchers shortly.

Will a learner automatically receive a replacement voucher?

No, the learner must apply to Polycom University for a replacement voucher.

If I have any further questions who should I contact?

For further questions regarding this change, please contact PolycomU@polycom.com.


Q: Is the new PCVE purely based on passing a single multiple-choice exam?

A: Yes

Q: How many questions are there?

A: 80 questions randomly selected from a pool

Q: How long is the exam?

A: You may take up to 100 minutes to complete the 80 questions. The additional time compared to the previous CVE qualification is to allow time to review reference material

Q: Who is eligible to attempt the exam?

A: Any individual who feels he or she has the requisite experience can simply take the test and if successful they will be PCVE certified

Q: Will Polycom’s CVE Videoconferencing Theory class still be offered/available?

A: The new “Polycom Fundamentals” eLearning modules have replaced the instructor-led training, and are now available from Polycom Partner University

Q: Is there a charge for completing the eLearning modules?

A: No, the eLearning will not have associated fees

Q: When will the PCVE come into force?

A: The PCVE exam is scheduled for availability from December 2012. All training required to prepare for the exam is available now

Q: Will existing CVE certifications still be valid for their original 2-year period?