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Polycom RealPresence Mobile is a powerful, enterprise-grade collaboration app that meets the needs of organizations to extend video communications beyond the typical conference room to tablets and smartphones. When powered by the RealPresence Platform customers benefit from app provisioning, redundancy, resiliency and reliability necessary for high-scale mobile deployments.


Polycom SmartPairing™ technology wirelessly connects tablets to Polycom video collaboration systems, letting users control video meetings right from their personal device. Now, users can share Content and white boards with full annotation capabilities on photos, spreadsheets, presentations and more stored locally or in the cloud.

Extend your enterprise-grade video to any business or consumer

  • Use your tablet to control the conference room system with built-in SmartPairing technology
  • Experience feature rich multimedia by sharing whiteboard, photos, spreadsheets, documents, presentations that have been stored locally or in the cloud
  • Stay connected with a single device for phone calls, video conferences, e-mail, calendars and more
  • Enjoy the reliability, security, and lifelike quality of the legendary experience only Polycom can provide with RealPresence solutions

Extend secure, enterprise-quality video collaboration to mobile users. Protect your video network investment far into the future with backward-and-forward compatibility that is standards-based.

Polycom RealPresence Mobile is powered by the enterprise- and carrier-grade Polycom RealPresence Platform. This platform delivers a superb user experience to thousands of devices with enterprise-grade interoperability, reliability, availability, security, and scalability across any environment.

Technical differentiators:

  • Automatically connect tablets to room systems through ultrasonic sound
  • Architected with great ROI through dual-protocol H.323 and SIP support
  • Secured with AES encryption that protects media streams from malicious attacks
  • Built-in H.460 support ensures users are able to navigate home and corporate firewalls with ease
  • Leverage existing investments in Microsoft® Active Directory®, securing user access
  • Now supporting SVC and AVC High Profile encode/decode technologies ensuring the best possible quality even over the public internet
  • Enhanced Content sharing using standards-based H.239 and BFCP

In a world in motion, there is one constant: Our mobile device, which increasingly serves as an extension to our office. Now it is also a video conferencing tool. Polycom RealPresence Mobile extends face-to-face collaboration and content sharing beyond conference rooms and offices to tablets and smartphones, as well.

Mobile video collaboration is changing how people work:

  • In healthcare, medical experts in different locations can share patient reports, x-rays and lab results, and determine a treatment plan, by using mobile devices and the RealPresence Mobile application.
  • In manufacturing, workers use Polycom video on their mobile devices to minimize downtime by remotely identifying, diagnosing, and repairing issues on the assembly line.
  • In enterprises, sales representatives can meet face to face with colleagues, suppliers, and customers, whether on the road, in an airport, or at a conference.
  • In government, emergency responders are using RealPresence Mobile on their tablets and smartphones to stay in visual contact with trouble spots and forward-deployed personnel.
  • In education, parent teacher conferences can now take place with the teacher at school and the parent at home, connecting face to face via RealPresence Mobile on their tablets.
  • In financial services, banks can offer clients interactive access to financial advisors and customer service representatives via RealPresence Mobile on client tablets and smartphones.
  • In oil and gas, workers on oil rigs in the middle of the sea can now stay in visual communication with support staff on the mainland, and use HD video on mobile devices to troubleshoot problems.
  • In entertainment, creative and production teams can work visually with talent on location via RealPresence Mobile.
  • In real estate, home appraisals and inspections can now be done from afar, and prospective buyer walk-throughs can happen from anywhere.

RealPresence Mobile for Apple iOS

Rich video collaboration for your mobile device

RealPresence Mobile for Android

Portable video conferencing for Android devices

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