Room Collaboration

Workforce collaboration needs are changing, and conference rooms need to change with them. Get improved efficiency and productivity with enterprise-grade collaboration solutions that are designed to equip all of your different meeting spaces. Polycom solutions are optimized for modern workspaces—including huddle rooms and open workspaces, as well as traditional conference rooms—all with amazing full HD video, HD content sharing, embedded electronic whiteboard and full integration with personal and mobile devices.

Personal Workspace for On the Road

Your workforce is among the 1.5B mobile workers around the globe. With on-the-go meetings becoming the new norm, they expect instant connectivity, and access to content wherever they work. Learn more about our flexible workspace solutions.


Small Huddle Workspace for Any Room Size

Your workforce is embracing a new way of working where connectivity, rich media and access to content across devices and locations are a given. Flexible solutions allow teams to transform their workspaces and adapt to the way they need to collaborate.


Collaborative Team Workspace

Teams instinctively gather in a circle when they need to get things done. Innovative, Human-centered technology enables more natural brainstorming and efficient problem solving.


Conference Workspace for Distributed Workforce

Your business and your workforce are spread across multiple locations. Modern group work spaces need to be equipped to connect your workforce no matter where they are located around the world.


Executive Workspace using Video Collaboration in the Boardroom

Your leaders need a combination of reliable and intuitive technology in the boardroom to ensure everyone is able to fully participate in the conversation.


Immersive Telepresence Workspace

Thousands of miles may separate your meeting rooms. Your technology has to make employees feel like they’re in the same room, to innovate, solve complex problems and enable better decision-making for your business.




RealPresence Medialign

Industry's best all-in-one video collaboration for the modern age.

Polycom RealPresence Medialign solutions deliver the industry’s best video collaboration with an innovative, modern design that deploys anywhere in minutes. We’ve addressed every detail – from making joining a meeting as easy as pushing a button to eliminating distracting noises like keyboard typing and even automating the camera to find faces so people do not have to use a remote control to show everyone in the room. Sharing videos, presentations, or brainstorming on a virtual whiteboard lets everyone visually express their ideas and still see critical reactions from others.


RealPresence Group Series

Drive high-quality, enterprise-grade video collaboration in rooms and meeting locations of all sizes. With cutting-edge technologies to maximize your collaboration experience.

With our RealPresence Group Series, next-generation collaboration features and accessories ensure that everyone in the conversation is able to participate and be heard. Our standards-based interoperability and deep integration with Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync delivers a scalable, manageable experience that simplifies your UC environment.


RealPresence Group Convene

Experience powerful video collaboration and content solutions designed for smaller groups, huddle rooms and personal workspaces.

Deploy the right solution based on the unique needs of each room or environment with RealPresence Group Convene, a flexible system that works together with the RealPresence Group 310 or 500. Choose from single or dual-displays, optional built-in multipoint, and more options for small group and personal collaboration.


RealPresence Packaged Solutions

Enjoy all-in-one solutions for meeting rooms and unique environments. These pre-packaged solutions feature the latest in high-performance room video conferencing and are customizable to accommodate the needs of the meeting space.

Simplify ordering, administration and training by deploying the same collaboration equipment throughout your organization. Polycom's pre-packaged solutions bring together all of the components you need for specific environments in single, customizeable offerings. We also offer customized packages for unique environments that require special equipment.


RealPresence Trio

The first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point phone into a modular voice, video and content sharing system that can fit in any team environment, large or small.

Polycom RealPresence Trio delivers the best ever audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom - making every conversation, every spoken word just that much clearer. Not only does RealPresence Trio break through the sound barrier by providing the most amazing sound quality, but it also redefines the category by serving as the smart hub for your group collaboration and bringing easy-to-use, no-compromise visual collaboration to spaces that were previously cost prohibitive.


RealPresence Debut

Simple, elegant, and affordable video conferencing for huddle rooms.

Polycom RealPresence Debut is an enterprise grade video conferencing solution made simple, elegant, and affordable for huddle rooms and smaller spaces. It also delivers cost-effective collaboration for smaller organizations that are ready to move up from consumer-grade alternatives, which are great for chatting with friends but don’t get the job done at work.


RealPresence Centro

The first visual collaboration solution purpose-built to put people at the center of collaboration, enabling teams to meet in a circle to brainstorm, ideate, and solve your most challenging problems.

Patented technologies for video, voice and content sharing help to create an intimate, approachable environment that provides a common experience for everyone involved, near or far.


HDX Series

Equip your rooms with video collaboration.

Deliver HD video, voice, and content sharing collaboration to conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces across the enterprise with Polycom's HDX series. This standards-compliant, HD-capable offering provides multiple camera options to fit your needs.