RealConnect for Office 365 and
Skype for Business

Extend the video collaboration experience of Skype for Business into your existing video technologies

Polycom RealConnect Overview

Polycom RealConnect provides the video interoperability between Skype for Business and standards-based endpoints.

Familiar Scheduling Experience

  • RealConnect retains the familiar Outlook meeting schedule workflow, so there is no learning curve required.
  • No third-party add-ins required.

Easy to Join

  • Skype for Business clients join the meeting via single click.
  • Select Polycom and Cisco endpoints join the meeting with one touch (One Touch Dial)

Familiar Meeting Experience

  • Skype for Business clients join the Skype for Business conferencing server and receive familiar video layout
  • Standards-based video endpoints connect to Polycom conferencing server for the familiar multipoint video layout
  • Content sharing is supported across Skype and non-Skype for Business endpoints

Throughout Skype for Business Journey

  • Skype for Business on-premises, hybrid with on-premises and online, and online (Office 365)
  • RealConnect makes it easy to plan the migration to the Skype for Business Online
  • Microsoft Teams meeting support is planned in 2018 (RealConnect Service)
  • No disruptions when users are moved from on-premises to online

Video Interoperability Simplified

Watch this video series to master video interoperability and create seamless meeting experiences with
Skype for Business and Office 365.

Flexible Deployment Options for Office 365
and Skype for Business


RealConnect Service

Cloud-hosted video interoperability service that lets Skype for Business users (and Microsoft Teams users in 2018) meet and collaborate with existing video conferencing solutions.


RealConnect Service

Video interoperability service hosted within Microsoft Azure cloud and built for Office 365/Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams support in 2018). This subscription-based interoperability service enables Skype for Business users on Office 365 or on-premises to bring standards-based video endpoints into the Skype for Business meetings easily.

Easy to schedule. Simple to join

  • Schedule a meeting in Outlook and simply invite users and rooms into the meeting
  • Click to Join meetings from personal devices or room video systems (Polycom One Touch Dialing)
  • Skype for Business users see meeting participants in the familiar Skype for Business call layout and in the participant roster
  • Skype for Business users and standards-based video can share content in the meeting

Benefits of cloud-hosted Service

  • Simplicity—Polycom operates, monitors, and supports the service so you don’t need to
  • Resiliency—Resilient global deployment with iterative approach to maintain the service up-to-date
  • Confidence—Polycom/Microsoft jointly supports this solution
  • Flexibility—Customers can evolve from on-premises to cloud without any disruption, with the same subscription license (Enterprise Wide License)
  • Enterprise-Wide License (EWL)—Enables 100% of employees to schedule video sessions via Outlook

Protect your existing video investment

  • Protect your video investments by connecting Cisco, Polycom or other standards-based video endpoints into a Skype for Business call.
  • Bring immersive telepresence systems into a Skype for Business call with RealConnect
  • Leverage existing video infrastructure for firewall traversal

Requirements for Skype for Business Users (Online and On-premises)

SfB users
On-premises users
Online users
SfB Server Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2013 Skype for Business Online
Exchange Server Exchange Online or Exchange on-prem Exchange Online or Exchange on-prem
Office Version Office 2016 and Office 2013 Office 2016 (PC, MAC) Click-to-Run C2R *Version 16.0.7668.2048 or higher (WIN) or 15.38.0 (Build 17090200) or higher (MAC)
PSTN Conference Dial-in Required Not required
Firewall traversal Required Required
Others Azure AD
SfB/Lync Edge Server
Cloud Relay (lightweight VM)
Bandwidth for internet video call
Bandwidth for internet video call

On-premises Deployment with Existing Polycom RealPresence infrastructure

  • If you have existing Polycom RealPresence infrastructure software such as RealPresence Clariti, Polycom RealConnect functionality is supported in Skype for Business Server or Lync 2013 Server on-premises meetings. Contact Polycom or Polycom partners for more details.

Microsoft and Polycom Talk Video Interop in the Cloud

View a demo of the new Polycom cloud-based video interoperability service for Office 365 users.


One Touch Dial Service

Cloud-hosted service that lets you enjoy the same simple single click conference join workflow as Skype for Business clients. Available free of charge to RealConnect Service customers.


Polycom One Touch Dial Service

Included in the Polycom RealConnect Service subscription is the free access to Polycom One Touch Dial service hosted in the Microsoft cloud. The One Touch Dial application allows Polycom video endpoints as well as select Cisco endpoints, to join the RealConnect-enabled Skype for Business meetings with just one touch.

Same simplicity as Skype for Business Click to Join

The Polycom One Touch Dial application allows users to join scheduled meetings with one click from Polycom and select Cisco room video endpoints by leveraging Outlook calendaring integration.Through One Touch Dial application, the user can walk into the room, select the meeting and join the conference with just one click.

Simply invite rooms

Instead of having to remember the name of video endpoints in conference rooms, simply add conference rooms to the meeting invitation. When a video endpoint is associated to a conference room resource account on Exchange Online, it will automatically accept the invite or reject it depending on the room availability. You will be able to walk in to the conference room and connect to the meeting within seconds, thanks to the Polycom One Touch Dial application.

Benefits of Polycom One Touch Dial Application

  • Consistent and simple dialing experience for users — similar to Click to Join experience available to Skype for Business-based clients
  • Shortened time to connect to a meeting — Just one touch on a remote or a touch panel to join a meeting reduces the time to connect to a meeting
  • Prevents user errors — eliminating user errors during dialing

Requirements for One Touch Dial Application

  • Supported Polycom endpoints: RealPresence Debut, HDX, Trio, RealPresence Group Series and Group Series-based endpoints
  • Supported Cisco endpoints: Cisco Telepresence (EX, Profile, MX, Integrator C Series, and SX20), Spark Room
  • Global Admin privilege (to register to Polycom Cloud Service)
  • Exchange Online or Exchange Server (2013 or higher)
  • For a full list of supported video endpoints and requirements, visit Cloud Support Portal

Try Polycom RealConnect for Office 365

Experience seamless interoperability with Polycom, Cisco or other standards-based video endpoints in a Skype for Business online meeting.


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"We started to feel like a family collaborating. It blew my mind and changed the way I thought about a global organization."

-Christina Strauch Mengel
Lead Engineer, Transunion


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