Kompania Piwowarska

At a Glance

  • Fortifies team relationships
  • Saves time and money
  • Eases supplier negotiations
  • Simplifies training

Now on Tap: A Culture of Collaboration

To get a feel for the culture of collaboration at Kompania Piwowarska, just drop by the Warsaw headquarters of Poland's largest brewer. Or stop in at any of its four other district offices.

Better yet, plan your visit around Christmas time.

Because on Christmas Eve, employees at Kompania Piwowarska sit down and dine together. And thanks to the company's extensive Polycom collaboration environment, everyone gets to celebrate Christmas together, no matter where they're located.

"It is a moment when five districts in central region connect together to have a group dinner and give their best wishes," says Cezary Olejarz, regional director of Kompania Piwowarska. "We want to be together. It's a Polish tradition."

For a company that respects traditions – its oldest brewery was established in 1629 – Kompania Piwowarska isn't afraid to create new ones. These days, this means using high-definition video, audio, and content to work face-to-face with colleagues across the company and the country.

"I can meet with my supervisor regularly and talk to her as if we were in the same office," says Olejarz. "Our districts are located more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) from one another. You need at least five hours to go from one place to another."

With its four regional offices and breweries in three cities, the company has plenty of reasons to defy distance, and is making it easy for its 3,200 employees to access one another via video from conference rooms and desktops. Sales and marketing teams coordinate brand strategy and campaigns, training managers efficiently deliver classes and content, executives negotiate face-to-face with partners and suppliers, and administrative teams promote more cohesive working relationships among members assigned to different locations. Meanwhile, staffers in Poland can communicate clearly with their counterparts at the brewer's parent company, SAB-Miller.

Jakub Lamperski, network engineer at Kompania Piwowarska, notes that the growing culture of collaboration also helps the company meet its sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions associated with travel.

Polycom collaboration even brews up some significant bottom-line benefits: "Other than increasing the efficiency of our work, it also generates savings," Lamperski says, "which certainly satisfies our company's finance experts."