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Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart

Bringing patients and medical experts together, no matter where in the world they are

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The Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart transforms a roomful of technology into a simple, mobile workstation. Situated at the head of a table or in an exam room, it helps medical professionals overcome the restraints caused by time and distance so they can provide care to patients anywhere.

Medical and non-medical peripheral devices easily connect to the telepresence system, enabling medical professionals to share, in real-time, high-definition images of a patient’s throat...ears...or skin. The Practitioner Cart is also ideal for broadcasting medical procedures as a means of educating or telementoring.

Polycom specifically designed the Practitioner Cart to meet the needs of mobile telehealth applications. It is designed with a durable enclosure that protects the internal electronics from spills and is easy to clean if a spill should occur. A small footprint provides the ultimate in maneuverability and flexibility.

Timing and availability may vary in certain countries

  • High-definition 1080p resolution for a lifelike experience
  • Highly mobile, small footprint with enclosed technology compartment for security and spill protection
  • AES encryption for HIPAA compliance; power system is UL 60601-compliant for use in patient-care environments
  • Adjustable height for maintaining eye contact