Recording, Streaming & Content Management

Create a more connected and aligned organization. With our simple to use solutions, everyone can create, share and access important information.

Make top-down communications widely accessible with self-service solutions that don’t require IT to use. Stream executive broadcasts or train departments with video on demand. You can even launch and expand external online communications, training, and educational initiatives—and capture content from your video network effortlessly.

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Polycom: a leader in VCM

Video is a powerful way to communicate and educate. You need a secure, easy way to manage and share your video content. See why Aragon Research named Polycom a leader in VCM.




RealPresence Media Suite

Capture and stream video content—easily, reliably and automatically—whenever and wherever important information is presented.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Suite is a centralized application that enables organizations to record and stream from their entire video network. They can turn team meetings, training sessions, and desktop recordings into reusable video assets, ready for secure playback on telepresence and video conferencing systems, tablets and smartphones, or from a Web browser.


RealPresence Capture Station Pro

Turn any room into a webcasting studio. Record and stream presentations, lectures and trainings in professional multimedia quality.

An easy-to-use, room-based appliance that helps organizations record and stream presentations from any meeting room, classroom, or auditorium. The Polycom RealPresence Capture Station Pro synchronizes audio, video, and presentation slides–instantly creating feature-rich, highly polished online multimedia presentations. Whether delivering scalable, secure, and branded executive webcasts from the studio, automatically streaming lectures from the classroom, or recording training videos, this solution makes the complexities of content creation simple.


VCM SmartStart

Easily create your own "YouTube" and capture video from your entire network with bundled content solutions from Polycom.

It's easier than ever to capture, manage, and deliver videos for training, communication, compliance and more, by combining everything you need, including implementation and support services, into a single bundled solution.

VCM SmartStart Solutions are ideal for customers who have invested in video conferencing, and need to simplify company-wide recording and streaming with enterprise content management controls to support multiple one-to-many use cases, such training and corporate communications, without specialized tools or expertise.


RealPresence Capture Station Portable Pro

Webcasting studio for unconventional locations. Purpose-built for rugged use in the field, it lets your organization communicate with confidence–even in challenging operating environments.

Unconventional locations can provide the greatest real-world learning, knowledge, and intelligence. With its rugged casing and portable design, the RealPresence Capture Station Portable Pro lets organizations stream live presentations from anywhere with an Internet connection, or create recordings for on-demand viewing. From executive webcasts to educational lectures, this appliance eliminates the complexities of content creation by automatically synchronizing audio, video, and presentation slides–instantly creating a feature-rich, highly polished online multimedia presentation.


RealPresence Media Manager

Collect, manage, and deliver video content—from any source to any device—with an enterprise video content management solution.

Create a knowledge culture in your organization. Enable your teams to share, search, and access video as easily as any other content type.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Manager is the only automated enterprise software in the industry that equips organizations to manage all of their video assets at any stage of their life cycle–from capture, to upload, to organization and administration, to delivery, to final expiration. You can integrate with your IT environment and choose from diverse IT deployment models. Media Manager can be right-sized to fit your needs. From as few as 250 to as many as 40,000 concurrent users, the Media Manager is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of use cases and requirements.

Content and Microsoft

Work uninterrupted with Polycom solutions that integrate into Microsoft's workflow and collaboration experiences. Our deep partnership with Microsoft delivers effortless collaboration and rock-solid reliability. Together we deliver complete UC solutions that transform business. With the broadest available portfolio of voice, video, and content collaboration tools, we provide a seamless path that makes it easy for every employee to work together from any location, on any device.

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