Unleash the Power of Human Collaboration

The workplace of the future is not a physical building or office. It’s a way of working that results when technologies, people and processes converge into one seamless digital experience that blends personal and professional lives. With cutting-edge advances in voice, video and content sharing solutions, organizations can extend this level of seamless collaboration across every team and department so everyone can work together face-to-face — no matter where they are located.

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Building Face-to-Face Collaboration

Can you still have face-to-face collaboration without forcing people into the office? At Polycom, we believe the answer is an emphatic YES. Our collaboration solutions help thousands of companies get business done faster no matter where their people are.

Company History: 25 Years of Innovation

Our history reflects the amazing journey a company can make – in growth and innovation. Since our founding just over two decades ago, we have become the global leader in voice and video collaboration solutions.

Polycom Innovations

Our groundbreaking innovations set us apart as the leader in collaboration. Listen to the engineers, thought-leaders and industry experts directly involved in their development to learn more.