Polycom Audio & Video Conferencing Technology

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In order to maximize interoperability among vendors and configurations, and to help ensure that users experience the best performance possible, Polycom is making its world-famous audio and video codec technologies available to system and solution developers on a royalty-free basis.   Check it out!

High-Performance Audio Codecs

G.722.1, G.722.1C, and G.719 are state-of-the-art international standard wideband audio compression algorithms. They are based on field-proven Polycom Siren compression software technology, developed by Polycom to meet the demanding audio needs of the multimedia community.

Audio Codec Technology
Download Polycom G.722.1 and G.722.1C codecs
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Polycom SVC Codec

The SVC Codec is an H.264 Annex G compliant codec for use in videoconferencing products and other video products such as for video clip replay.  Polycom offers this license to encourage interoperability between competitive videoconferencing products that exist as of the date of this license or that may come to exist in the future.

Download Polycom SVC Codec
License Agreement