Scott McCool

Scott McCool

Chief Information Officer and Group Vice President of Information Technology

Innovation and Operational Excellence

Scott McCool leads our information technology team, delivering innovation to the value chain supporting the success of our customers and partners.

Since joining Polycom in 2013 Scott has driven evolution throughout IT and our digital ecosystem in pursuit of innovative operational excellence. A passionate advocate for the transformational power of technology, Scott has evolved his teams and processes to make IT a strategic weapon for Polycom.

As CIO, Scott leads our Polycom-on-Polycom program leveraging our video, voice and content collaboration solutions globally to make us a truly collaborative workplace of the future. Scott's vision for IT focuses less on technology and more on our power to reimagine the way we work and collaborate to deliver results. Without the boundaries between business and IT, Polycom is embracing change to more fully capitalize on the promises of the digital era.

With more than 25 years in IT, Scott was a driving force behind the global implementation of technology solutions at Brocade and has worked for organizations in many different industries, including Fortune 500 companies, high-tech manufacturing, aviation, healthcare and legal.

Scott holds Master's Degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration from Bellevue University, a Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in Business Administration from Doane College, and numerous IT certifications.

"The forces at play in the digital enterprise like cloud, mobility, social, big data and analytics can only be harnessed in a meaningful way - a way that truly drives success - if your company has the culture and the tools to communicate and collaborate effectively. At Polycom, that’s in our DNA."

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