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Every organization has its own challenges, needs, opportunities, timelines, and cultures. Achieve success with an industry expert that provides a clear roadmap and ongoing in-depth technical guidance. With Polycom's industry-leading collaboration services, you'll reduce risks and minimize the impact on your production environment—and get the most out of your investment.

Meet the Consulting Team

The Polycom consulting team is here to ensure your investment in our solutions delivers real business benefits and accelerates your return on investment.





Create the blueprint for seamless collaboration solutions.

Every network and business is unique. With a quick assessment, we'll help you identify use cases, understand interdependencies, reduce risks, produce a solution that works exactly the way you want, and shorten implementation time—saving you resources and money.



Simplify. And accelerate your ROI.

Limited IT resources and complex multi-vendor environments can slow the deployment process. Get a faster return on your investment with Polycom collaboration support services. Our specialists and partners have deep experience in installation, implementation, and integrating your new collaboration solutions, so your IT team can focus on other initiatives—and employees experience a seamless workflow.


Managed Services

Get expert help in managing your solution.

Your internal teams may not have the resources to manage your ongoing collaboration operations. Reduce the burden and keep your collaboration solutions reliable and cost-effective. Our experts and partners can ensure optimal operation, provide ongoing remote monitoring and hosting services, and help meet changing requirements while saving on operational expenses.


Customer Support

Keep your collaboration solutions up to date with the newest technology.

Technology moves fast, and you don't want to miss out on new capabilities that could improve productivity. Get customer support options ranging from software updates and technical support to dedicated personnel assigned to your business. Our value-added options ensure your solution is always optimized, accessible, and up to speed.



Ensure peak performance with key insights.

Getting the most from your collaboration solution depends on how well it adapts to your business. We offer leading-edge collaboration services that can help you onboard employees, deliver detailed usage analytics, and integrate collaboration into your existing applications. So you can drive lasting adoption, proactively manage your network, and better meet your business objectives.

Take collaboration to the next level

See how Polycom Services help your business succeed and be more collaborative.


Polycom Services Drive Your Success

See how our collaboration services will ensure your success and help you maximize your return on investment.

Partner Services

Get best-in-class collaboration services from our certified partners.

Many of Polycom's services are provided through our network of RealPresence specialized partners. Each is specially trained, certified, and ready to deliver the best portfolio of services for your collaboration solutions.

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Why demand proactive vendors?

Learn how to close the expectation gap throughout the technology cycle—and get results.

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From UC to competitive advantage

Learn how to transition your unified communications strategy from complex integration to seamless collaboration.

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Utilization shouldn't be a guessing game

Polycom's utilization reports give you important insights into your collaboration environment.

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Polycom Utilization Reporting

Utilization reports take the guesswork out of important planning decisions that help you with future planning.

How Polycom Services Help You Succeed and Be More Collaborative

This video provides an overview of how Polycom Services can help organizations succeed and be more collaborative.

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How Polycom Services Help You Succeed and Be More Collaborative

This video provides an overview of how Polycom Services can help organizations succeed and be more collaborative.

"With the Polycom RealAccess services delivery platform, Polycom has changed the way we approach asset and capacity management."

— Laurent Chartier, Global IT Building Manager, SCOR